Description of Services

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks

Our service provider uses criminal databases that are both national and local, such as local county sex offender registries and most wanted records. Our provider is a global leader in information and risk management. Using the power of our provider, we are able to do a complete, national, investigative, criminal background check!

Our background checks are intended to alert associations to individuals who have a past record and who could be a danger to children. Background checks are not a 100% guarantee that someone has not committed or will not commit a crime against children, but is intended to identify persons who have already shown a tendency toward those crimes.

Concussion Instruction

The Trusted Officials concussion module was designed to train youth officials how to handle concussions based on the industry-accepted standards produced by the Centers for Disease Control. The video concludes with a quiz. Upon successful completion, a printable concussion certificate is available to the official and the administrator.

Collaborating on the project were several medical experts from the Institute for Athletic Medicine, including a key author of the 2011 Minnesota state concussion law.

National Registry for Members of Trusted Officials

After successfully completing all components of the Trusted Officials program, each verified official will be placed in a National Officials’ Registry on this website that will include their picture and will indicate the official’s renewal dates for background checks and concussion training.

Annual Background Check/Continuing Education (OPTIONAL)

Trusted Officials offers annual background checks for officials in the second and third year of their Trusted Officials membership. The background check also features annual rules changes for the sport you are trained in as an official. The cost is $10.00 per year.


Online Resources 2Trusted Officials Resource Center

The Trusted Officials Resource Center provides our members the added benefit of easy accessibility to high-value training materials and helpful instruction. Here you will find helpful tips and tricks to make your job as an official much easier.