Is Your Organization At Risk For Not Training And Screening Officials?

In short, yes.

First, lets discus training. How is not training your officials a risk management issue? Well, properly trained officials are skilled at managing the game in a way to properly uphold the rules of the game. This can be done by enforcing the rules of play, penalizing athletes for unsafe actions, and reminding coaches and players during pregame meetings to report possible concussions to coaches and the appropriate medical professionals.  Officials that are not properly trained in the rules of the game can be putting your organization at risk of being sued. Don’t think this is possible?  Just do a quick Internet search and you can find a lot of cases that have to do with not properly enforcing the rules of the game.

Second, what if the official is a senior official (18+ years old) and hasn’t passed a nationwide criminal background check? Are you putting your association at risk for hiring them? How would you know that a potential official has a criminal record, or if they are on a sex offender registry? You wouldn’t unless you ran a background check on this person. Don’t think it could happen to you? Well, unfortunately it happens all too often and can put your association at risk for negligence. In Illinois, the Smithton School District put their athletes at risk by hiring an official that was on the sex offender registry and they risked being sued if anything happened.

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They just assumed that the perpetrator was legit. Don’t assume, use proper screening to reduce your risk to liability! Trusted Officials can help!