Nationwide Criminal Background Checks


Trusted Officials (TO) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to educating officials on best practices in youth sports. The TO program includes screening for officials who might present a threat or do harm to children, and TO reserves the irrevocable right to exclude officials from membership based on criteria listed below. TO performs a criminal record check based on national criminal records. TO does not perform a credit report for financial information, such as bankruptcies or assets and liabilities; or verify employment or education claims.

Trusted Officials is NOT an employer of youth sports officials!

Persons who apply to become a member of Trusted Officials may not have engaged in any action which, within the discretion of the Trusted Officials Review Board or their representative or member association, gives rise to a concern over the safety of minors or others involved in Trusted Officials sponsored programs. If a national background screen indicates that the applicant cannot satisfactorily qualify as a youth official or otherwise is inconsistent with the Trusted Officials’ responsibilities, policies and procedures to its member associations, the participants, or the parents of participants, the candidate will not be allowed to become a member of Trusted Officials.

All officials who apply to become a member of Trusted Officials are required to submit a criminal background check. Nationwide criminal background checks will be conducted on all applicants prior to completing their registration. This background check will verify the applicant’s Social Security number and address history, and check their criminal conviction history.

Trusted Officials has the sole discretion to deny membership to potential officials that may pose a threat to vulnerable subjects, such as children, other game officials, administrators, opposing players/coaches and spectators, regardless of whether or not the results of the Background Check directly violate any of the listed criteria in this Policy and Disclaimer.

Special Note: Any applicant who submits a background screen application through Trusted Officials is subject to the listed Policies and Procedures.

Trusted Officials Background Screening Policy