How To Become A Youth Sports Official

Do you want to become a youth sports official?  They pay’s not bad, you get to be around sports a lot, and you can make a positive impact on the sports you love.  Sounds like a pretty nice gig, right?  Well, in order to become an official, there are a few basics things you need to know.

  • You will need some basic training to get started, and hopefully that’s why you are on the Trusted Officials website.
  • Find out what the local youth sports official’s associations are in your area.   Doing a simple online search, you will be able to find some associations that will provide a good starting point.
  • Contact your local Park and Recreation Association, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, or other association to see if they need officials and what are the requirements to get started.  Do this well ahead of the upcoming season and get your name on their list of available officials.
  • Start officiating at younger levels of competition.  Why, because this will give you an opportunity to hone your skills.  At the youngest levels, the goal is to teach kids the rules of the game, and give them direction.  There is also less pressure on officials, especially those learning how to officiate.
  • Ask other officials and associations if they belong to or use an official’s assignor.  This is someone who schedules officials to work games and tournaments.   If you can get in with an officials assignor, and do a nice job of officiating, you can start to schedule the contests you are available to work.

If you are struggling to get started in the world of officiating, contact Trusted Officials at 763-781-2220