Administrative Tools

Admin Tools IconTrusted Officials was built on two levels, one for officials to receive their necessary training and the other for administrators to monitor and manage their officials.

Take a minute to check out some of the tools we’ve created to help busy administrators make their job a lot easier.

My Officials Tool

From the My Officials Tool, administrators will have access to all their registered coaches and will be able to track program progress and view certifications and completion dates, as well as send e-mails to officials through the website.

Send Officials Invites

Administrators will have the ability to invite their officials to participate in the Trusted Officials program from the ‘Send Officials Invites’ Tool.  This feature allows administrators to track how many purchased programs they still have available and to create a custom e-mail.  Every e-mail will include an easy link for invited officials to be able to one-click and get started with the Trusted Officials program.

The Trusted Officials Seal

The Trusted Officials Seal is a web-ready graphic that can be uploaded to any organization’s webpage to show your parents that your officials have received the necessary training to keep their child safe during their development as an athlete.  This Seal can be linked to the National Officials Registry where parents can find their child’s coach and enjoy peace of mind knowing their child’s official is a Trusted Official.