Why was this program created?

The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) has been providing youth sports and educational programs since 1991 and has become a trusted youth sports organization. The MYAS provides services to youth parent-run sports associations. The need for trained officials is on the rise. Through the prior creation of Trusted Coaches, the MYAS has the proven experience and expertise to deliver a quality, online educational program. By doing everything online, compliance and willingness to participate has gone up dramatically for Trusted Coaches, and we believe the same will happen for Trusted Officials.

Why online courses?

Time is a major factor in one’s choice of an educational program. Being able to complete everything online will reduce an official’s time and preparation needed to be able to complete training and screening.

Are there other programs like this?

Other organizations offer components of this program, but Trusted Officials is the most comprehensive, time-efficient and cost-effective solution that emphasizes child development and safety. The Trusted Officials program was developed by the MYAS because of our extensive experience with very large sports programs and interaction with thousands of officials since 1991.

How do I get started?

  • Log on to trustedofficials.org.
  • Click on the Products tab at the top of the page to make your purchase.

It’s that easy – simply make your purchase and start learning!

Organizations may purchase codes for their officials with a credit card or by using a PO/pay by check option. Codes will be distributed to all officials within that organization. Those officials will use the code to set up accounts and access the online courses.

What are the primary benefits of the program?

  • Helping officials minimize the risk of injury to young athletes
  • Providing information about fundamental officiating concepts
  • Offering a “one-stop shop” for youth associations to deliver best practices education to their officials
  • Providing cost-saving measures for officials and associations, as the comprehensive program is offered at a fraction of the services’ costs if purchased separately
  • Providing an online repository capable of keeping track of officials’ certifications and renewal dates, which can be checked by association administrators and parents

What is the cost?

Because Trusted Officials can use its group purchasing power in assembling this comprehensive package of coaching educational services, we are able to charge just $30 per person for the Senior Membership, and $15 per person for the Junior Membership (no background check). Trusted Officials does offer a “Volume Discount” for organizations that purchase 50 or more codes. Please contact Dawson Blanck at [email protected] or 763-746-1719 for more information on this “Volume Discount”.

How long do I have to complete the coursework?

Applicants will have 30 days from the date they activate their account. The first step is filling out the application and agreeing to the conditions of a national background check. The applicant will then receive access to the coursework, and the 30-day timeline will begin. Applicants will receive e-mail reminders throughout the 30 days to help keep them on track for completion.

Is the Trusted Officials program designed to offer annual training, and how long is my verification valid?

Trusted Officials verification is good for three years and then must be renewed, with an option to renew background checks and rules updates annually.  Each state may have a different set of requirements for concussion training, so you may want to consult your association’s headquarters for more information.

Is it possible to pay for all of our officials’ training in one lump sum, or do we need to pay for the officials individually?

Groups (associations, clubs, park and recreation departments, YMCAs, YWCAs, CYOs, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.) should pay for all of their officials training in a single payment (whenever possible).

How long does it take to complete the training (approximately)?

The courses are self-paced, meaning you can start and stop as you wish, so times will vary. However, each course should take between 30-60 minutes of continuous study and the whole program can be completed in less than 4 hours.

Can you explain the record keeping of officials information and who will have access to it?

The Trusted Officials website contains a National Officials Registry that confirms the dates that officials successfully completed the courses. This directory is available to the public so that travel directors, parents, etc. can check to insure that officials’ education requirements are current. Trusted Officials is built on two levels, one for officials to receive their necessary training and the other for administrators to monitor and manage their officials’ training.

Administrators have the ability to invite their officials to participate in the Trusted Officials program from the “Send Officials Invites” tool. This feature allows administrators to track how many purchased programs they still have available and to create a customized e-mail. Every e-mail will include an easy link for invited officials to be able to one-click and get started with the Trusted Officials program. Administrators, using the “My Officials” tool, also are able to track an individual official’s program progress and view certifications and completion dates.

Is this program mandatory in order to be a youth official?

It depends on your association, but Trusted Officials strongly encourages all associations to require a national background check and concussion training. Some assignors and or associations may feel that an official should get paid more if they have had some form of training, so it’s beneficial for you as an official to look into this.

Who profits from this program?

Because the organization that created Trusted Officials is a nonprofit, the program is priced to offer the maximum value at an almost break-even price. Profits will be reinvested to enhance the product and customer service.

How do you handle site security?

Once you are using our system and logged onto the Trusted Officials website, digital security certificates and two stages of data encryption are utilized to protect your information!

Why do you need the last 4 digits of my Social Security number?

Social Security numbers are used to help identify the correct person and their place of residence. For security purposes, we only ask for the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. This is our first step in determining that we have identified the correct person when we are conducting a criminal background check. Once we have identified the correct person, we use that information, minus the SSN, to do a national background check. Trusted Officials utilizes a digital certificate, which is used to encrypt information on our site using an AES 256-bit encryption. All sensitive information submitted to our website is immediately uploaded to a secure FTP site and all information is wiped from the Trusted Officials website. Note – we do not conduct credit reports or verify employment or education claims.

What type of process do you use for background checks?

Trusted Officials, with the advice of our legal team, has developed a fair and legal process to conduct background checks. Trusted Officials uses its own senior management to complete the process in evaluating membership eligibility. Trusted Officials searches international, national, state and county levels to ensure the best information possible to make a fair decision about membership.

Who do I contact with questions?

For more information or to schedule your association’s participation in this important new program, contact Trusted Officials at [email protected] or 763-746-1719.

For technical issues or website support, contact: [email protected] or 608-210-1715.