Trusted Officials was created as a comprehensive officials training program available online and in a LIVE workshop setting with the intent to educate, screen, recruit and retain new and veteran youth officials. If you are a youth basketball organization looking to train your in-house officials or are an individual looking for a way to equip themselves with the knowledge to officiate youth sports!

You Make the Call. Get in the Game!

The Trusted Officials program is delivered  online and in a LIVE workshop setting. This platform provides the opportunity for an individual to help develop the skills necessary to become successful youth sports officiating.

Trusted Officials is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit organization and was created by the fine folks at Trusted Officials, the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, and the Wisconsin Sports Services as a response to youth athletic associations’ need to train their officials and protect their young athletes. Trusted Officials has a staff of 25+ full time professionals who are immersed in the youth sports scene. We understand the challenges that youth sports associations face on a day-to-day basis, and we have responded to those challenges by creating Trusted Officials.

Why was Trusted Officials created?

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, only 2 of every 10 officials return for their third year of officiating, creating a referee drain that has schools and youth athletic associations struggling to cover games and administrators trying to find ways to keep officials on the job. We all know there is a shortage of officials – not just in Minnesota, but across the country. There are veteran officials retiring and not enough new officials coming in to replace them.

We need a mechanism to recruit and retain officials in order to for youth sports to continue to be viable. Trusted Officials is your answer….

For more information on Live and Online Training, please contact Buddy Hemric at 763-746-1719 or [email protected].

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